Add an accent mirror to any room. We custom cut mirrors too.

Lux Glass team is ready to answer any questions you have about our glass products. Simply reach out to us and we will respond to you the very same day. You can also contact us by phone to book a no-obligation quote.

As a leading custom glass manufacturer, we have provided many homes and Offices in Canada custom mirrors of the highest quality and standard.

Our custom mirrors are decorative mirrors; they are beautiful reflective objects that are essential in every home.

The uses and importance of our custom mirror vary. It can be used in decorating your home or offices to enhance the interior. It can be used as a looking glass or bedroom mirror to reflect light and add splendor to your home. Asides being used in your bedroom, our custom mirror can also be used to decorate other living areas of your home like your kitchen or bathroom. It can be used as a bathroom mirror that will add glamour to your shower room.

Our decorative mirror can also be used to enhance the restroom in your offices.

At Lux Glass, we believe every home should look like a paradise. This is the reason we invest so much in providing only top quality custom mirror at a very flexible rate because we understand its importance as a decorative mirror in your home.

We fully understand that it can help remodel your home into something more spectacular than what it was before. We know this because we have been in the glass business for over ten years. We have designed many decorative mirrors, including bathroom mirrors, bedroom mirrors to suit the requirements of many of our esteemed customers across the Greater Toronto Area and the Halton Region.