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Interior and exterior glass Railing

Our glass railings are great for staircases, porches or decks.

Interior and exterior glass railing

Lux Glass team is ready to answer any questions you have about our glass products. Simply reach out to us and we will respond to you the very same day. You can also contact us by phone to book a no-obligation quote.

If you have been looking for a glass railing with the perfect finish for your home or office, Lux Glass is the best glass company that will give you just what you need.

Our glass railings are modern, sophisticated, and smart options for staircases, balconies, and decks.

Regardless of whether you are looking for residential, commercial, or corporate solutions, we have a wide range of glass railings that are manufactured using premium quality materials. Our glass handrails are made available in various sophisticated designs, sizes, and shapes to meet the individual need of our customers.

At Lux Glass, our glass railings are one of the most attractive of all railing structures; they can be used anywhere, adding a highly sophisticated modern look and luxury to any space.

As a leading glass company in the Greater Toronto Area and the Halton Region, we specialize in the making and designing glass railings, glass deck handrails, and glass stair railings – for both, indoor and outdoor spaces. Over the years we have established a reputation of quality.

We boast of quality glass railings which are made from the finest of glass products you can come across in any glass company. Our glass railings provide your property with a chic and transparent sphere of safety. Our glass railing options are available at an affordable rate, as we work with your budget to give you a value for your money.