Backsplash glass

Enhance the look of your kitchen with a custom backsplash that you will love for years to come.

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Lux Glass is a leading custom glass manufacturing company that provides top quality glass kitchen backsplash that is highly durable and easy to install. We offer a wide range of glass backsplash that is suitable for many indoor applications, including glass kitchen backsplash and glass tile backsplash, with endless creative designs and patterns.

Our glass backsplash is used in many kitchens across Canada because it is very, easy to install, looks great and is easy to clean and maintain.

Apart from adding style and splendor to your kitchen with its superb light reflection features, our glass tile backsplash also gives a sophisticated, sleek, and seamless appearance to any room in your home. Besides serving as a protective sleeve for your wall, the backsplash will mirror the light and everything before them in a precise and visible manner.

One of the features that make our glass kitchen backsplashes unique at Lux Glass is their smoothness and surface uniformity with no interference –  making it very easy to clean and maintain. Also, these immaculate features accentuate the aesthetic of your kitchen. Our backsplashes can also help smaller kitchens appear bigger than its size, providing for a more enjoyable space.