Table counter and shelf glass

Give new life to that table counter with a new piece of glass or make great use of wall space with custom glass shelves.

Lux Glass team is ready to answer any questions you have about our glass products. Simply reach out to us and we will respond to you the very same day. You can also contact us by phone to book a no-obligation quote.

At Lux Glass, we produce various designs of table counters and glass corner shelves that will add splendor and glamour to your homes and office spaces.

We believe that every household should have a unique taste in furniture; this is why we continually focus on the delivery of a wide range of top quality table counter and shelf glass you can choose from to enhance your home or offices.

Our table counters and glass corner shelves are a unique piece of furniture that is easily distinguished from the regular ones you get to see around. They are well detailed and beautifully designed furniture that will add sophistication to your home or office space.

At Lux Glass, the satisfaction of our customers is very important to us, and that is why we ensure we provide the best of quality products at cost-effective rates that will not dent or hurt your pockets because we understand the needs and demands of our customers. Therefore, we are dedicated to ensuring that we meet all your requirements by delivering to your dream. Don’t be surprised if we exceed your expectations.